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Types of Pallets and Uses

Most people have encountered pallets before, but you might be surprised to learn just how many types of pallets there are on the market. Each is designed with a different use in mind, meaning they range in material, strength, size, and style. Similarly, storage solutions don’t end with plastic pallets, with UK presswood pallets, small containersUK plastic pallet boxes, and block pallets also playing a huge role.

Pallets are among the most diverse solutions when it comes to storage. Read on to learn more about the various types of pallets and their individual uses.

Container Pallets 

First up are container pallets. These products are designed to fill shipping containers to safely transport goods from A to B. Here at INKA Pallets, our container pallets are available in 760x140mm or 1140x1140mm dimensions. As a result, they can confidently be used with the likes of 20ft and 40ft sea containers.

Display Pallets

Point of sale (POS) bases are essential to any retail establishment that wants to successfully promote and sell new or specialist products. That’s where display pallets come in. The small plastic design means that promotional displays can be seamlessly transported from the delivery vehicle onto the shop floor.

As well as acting as a foundation for displays, these pallets can also be used to ship small, heavy parts. This saves you from purchasing a full-size pallet when you don’t have the need for it. Consequently, you save on money and wasted materials.

When shopping display pallets with INKA Pallets, you can choose between 400x600mm and 600x800mm pallets.

Heavy-Duty Pallets

As you can imagine,heavy-duty pallets are designed to accommodate large load capacities for the most demanding of industrial applications. At INKA, we even offer reinforced pallets with steel beams to further increase the strength of the pallet. Despite this, our usual plastic pallets are also crafted from extremely durable material that you can rely on for upwards of 10 years.

Our heavy-duty pallets can accommodate racking loads up to 1800kg, dynamic loads up to 2250kg, and static loads of 7000kg.

Hygiene Pallets

When it comes to storing and transporting food goods, hygiene is hugely important, which is why hygiene pallets are a vital component to industries that handle food. These come in a multitude of colours, allowing you to colour code your items, avoiding the likelihood of contamination. Additionally, hygiene pallets aren’t used for food purposes alone; they’re also the preferred choice for pharmaceutical companies due to their easy-clean nature.

INKA’s hygiene pallets are available in 800x1200mm and 1000x1200mm dimensions and are crafted from food-approved high-density polythene plastic. They have no gaps, making them ideal for jet washing and steam cleaning. Similarly, the lack of crevices means that chemicals won’t be absorbed and dirt won’t be trapped. On top of this, the range is heavy-duty, meaning our hygiene pallets can handle large loads.

Medium-Duty Pallets

Heavy-duty pallets are designed to accommodate loads of up to 1800kg, whereas medium-duty pallets are crafted to hold up to 1000kg. Plastic is the ideal material for this purpose as it allows for multiple uses, is easily cleaned, and is significantly lighter than the timber alternatives.

Nestable and Export Pallets

When it comes to space-saving, nestable pallets can’t be beaten, allowing you to store stacks of products in the warehouse. Some are capable of storing 70 units high in a 2.2 metre stack.

Here at INKA Pallets, we supply 600x800mm, 800x1200mm, and 1000x1200mm solutions.

Rackable Plastic Pallets

The term rackable plastic pallet refers to any pallet that’s intended to be placed in open beam pallet racking. This is ideal for light, medium, and heavy loads alike. Each of INKA’s rackable pallets has a minimum of three runners under the long side of the pallet, whilst many have a full perimeter base of five or six runners along the short and long side of the pallet. Full perimeter pallets can be loaded in any direction, and can also be reinforced with steel profiles, ready to accommodate 1800kg.

Spill Control Pallets

As far as storing and transporting hazardous liquid is concerned, you need to be extremely careful. As a result, you should definitely consider the use of spill control pallets that are designed to inhibit spillages, leaks, and drips.

Here at INKA Pallets, each of our spill control pallets is crafted from robust rotomolded PE materials that are deemed safe for industrial use. Consequently, they’re suitable for virtually all types of liquid, such as toxic chemicals and acids. Each of our products comes with a sump area that’s designed for the secure containment of liquids.

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Regardless of your needs, we have a pallet solution to suit. Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for within our existing product range, we can offer bespoke solutions. Simply get in touch, and a member of our team will be on hand to assist you. We’re also happy to aid anyone unsure about which pallet would be best suited to their company’s requirements.

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