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Lids & accessories

Drop on or hinged lids to suit all types of euro stacking containers, and euronorm totes. High quality and low prices – we are Inka Pallets!

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  • Dollies

    Dolly 2

    Style : Wheeled Dollies
    Dimensions : 600 (L) x 400 (w) x 180 (h)
    Rubber/Acrylic wheels / Brakes / Colours

  • Dollies

    Dolly 3

    Wheeled Dolly for Stacking and Stack/Nest containers.
    Dimensions : 600 (L) 400 (w).

  • Dollies

    Double Dolly

    870 x 600 x 170mm

    Double Dolly

    6 Wheels, 500 Kg Capacity

  • Lids & accessories

    E434 Lid

    400 x 300 x 19mm

    Euro Stacking Container Lid

  • Dough Trays

    E64DL Lid

    600 x 400 x 16mm

    Euro Stacking Container Lid

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