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Dough Trays

Plastic dough trays are made from hygienic and durable material used by pizzerias for proving pizza dough balls. Although this is the most popular use for pizza dough trays, they can be used for an array of other catering applications. These include the proving of noodles, pastries, pasta, bread, and more.

Regardless of which type of delicious cuisine you’re crafting, you want to ensure that your dough is being stored and transported in the safest and most hygienic way possible. We have a dough tray suited to every dough type, allowing you to select the best solution for your hot food delivery establishment, fast food outlet, pizzeria, or other catering enterprise.

Read on to discover more about the INKA Pallets dough tray collection.

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  • All Plastic Small Containers

    Dough Tray E6407-11

    600 x 400 x 70mm

    Dough tray

  • All Plastic Small Containers

    Dough Tray 6645-11

    660 x 445 x 83mm

    15 Litre

    Dough Tray

  • Dough Trays

    E64DL Lid

    600 x 400 x 16mm

    Euro Stacking Container Lid

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