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Plastic Folding Crates

Introducing INKA’s range of plastic folding crates. Quite simply, they are the strongest, cleanest, and most space-saving crates on the market. Our plastic folding crates boast the lowest profile in the world due to air-assisted injection moulding, with almost 25% more empty crates per pallet than other popular models. They are CAE tested and certified as the strongest crates on the market, as well as the best-in-class ventilation. Meanwhile, they are designed with a simple collapsing mechanism and enhanced locking technology, as well as smooth walls for ultimate hygiene and 50% less water retention than any of the other leading designs. Finally, our crates have cross-stacking functionality, which removes the need for expensive and environmentally unfriendly single-use pallet wrap.

To that end, you can read on to discover more about our folding pallet boxes below.

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  • frpc-6411 - Green Plastic Folding Crate
    All Plastic Small Containers


    600 x 400 x 115mm

    23 Litre

    Perforated Folding Crate

  • All Plastic Small Containers


    600 x 400 x 195mm

    39 Litre

    Perforated Folding Crate

  • FRPC-6422-00 Green Perforated Folding Crate
    All Plastic Small Containers


    600 x 400 x 225mm

    47 Litre

    Perforated Folding Crate


  • All Plastic Small Containers


    600 x 400 x 300mm

    61 Litre

    Plastic Folding Crate

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