A rackable plastic pallet is the term for any plastic pallet designed to be placed in open beam pallet racking, whether that’s loaded with light, medium or heavy loads. These plastic pallets all have at least 3 runners/skids running under the long side of the pallet, and many designs are available with a ‘full perimeter’ base with 5 or 6 runners which run along both the long and short sides of the pallet. Full perimeter pallets can be loaded in racking in either direction, subject to the distance between the racking’s beams. Many of Inka’s rackable plastic pallets can also be reinforced with steel profiles to increase the racking capacity up to a maximum load of 1800Kg (evenly spread) on a pallet.

If however, your racking is closed off (i.e. boarded or decked), then you can also use a much more cost-effective nestable plastic pallet or presswood pallet in your racking, which could save your business a lot of money, plus save a lot of warehouse space whilst helping you move away from the problems that come with wooden pallets.

So whether it’s light loads of 200-300Kg or heavy loads of over a tonne you intend to store in your racking, Inka will have the right plastic pallet at the right price for your needs.

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