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Folding Pallet Boxes

We believe that plastic folding pallet boxes are the huge leap forward the industry was waiting for in the transportation of bulky, heavy items.

Single-use Packaging is an Expensive, Harmful Problem!

For example, the agricultural sector has long seen the benefit of using rigid plastic pallet boxes or Dolavs on farms. They regularly use them for harvesting and storing their produce, and for a good reason. Plastic bins are easy to clean, robust, hold good volumes, and can be used repeatedly season after season. However, farms would never have dreamed of using pallet boxes to distribute out to customers in the next county, let alone customers in other countries! The reason is obvious; retrieving empty rigid plastic pallet boxes is far too expensive.

So, for many years, there has been a heavy reliance on single-use packaging, such as cardboard boxes or wooden crates, to transport crops. Of course, returnable plastic crates and trays have improved the packaging economy for many small crops. However, for larger bulkier crops, plastic trays can be inefficient and labour-intensive. Well, that was then.

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