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Plastic Wheeled Dollies are perfect for transporting small containers around distribution centres and factory floors easily and efficiently.

With a range of sizes designed to compliment our huge range of storage containers, crates and trays. Standard sizes are to hold 600x400mm containers, but we have other sizes too and even some double dollies to take twice as many goods. Available in a range of colours, and options including brakes, castor wheels in both rubber and acrylic.

Heavy duty & hygienic for demanding environments

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  • Dollies

    Dolly 1

    Style : Wheeled Dollies
    Dimensions : 610 (L) x 400 (w) x 161 (h)

  • Dollies

    Dolly 2

    Style : Wheeled Dollies
    Dimensions : 600 (L) x 400 (w) x 180 (h)
    Rubber/Acrylic wheels / Brakes / Colours

  • Dollies

    Dolly 3

    Wheeled Dolly for Stacking and Stack/Nest containers.
    Dimensions : 600 (L) 400 (w).

  • Dollies

    Dolly 4

    Roto-Moulded Wheeled Dolly
    805mm (L) x 505mm (w) x 175mm (h)

  • Dollies

    Double Dolly

    870 x 600 x 170mm

    Double Dolly

    6 Wheels, 500 Kg Capacity

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