Plastic pallet boxes/bins are the perfect bulk containers for industrial use. In particular, food factories favour them due to their durable and hygienic nature.

Here at Inka Pallets, we stock a range of options and sizes to suit all uses and budgets. We hold stock of a variety of colours, allowing you to colour code your factory and use the boxes for different ingredients or products. For example, you could use yellow collapsible plastic pallet boxes for nuts and allergens and blue for other products. Alternatively, you could use red for ‘Category Three – not for human consumption’, and grey for edible products.

Though our pallets are perfect for food factories, their potential uses go well beyond the food industry.

Our Products and Uses

Our box pallets are very sturdy. Consequently, recycling companies and general engineering firms love their robust construction and high load capacities. We provide an array of heavy-duty pallet boxes, including Dolav style, folding pallet boxes, insulated containers, rigid pallet boxes, liquid folding IBCs, magnum FLCs, and accessories for pallet boxes.

In addition to standard rigid containers, we are also stockists of folding pallet boxes within the UK. These are ideal for repeat use in the supply chain as they save users a lot of money in space-saving returns, increase warehouse space, and reduce CO2 emissions.

Shop Pallet Boxes with Inka Pallets

Inka Pallets are very competitive suppliers, and we are seldom beaten on price. Similarly, we provide a speedy service, delivering your box pallets within three working days throughout the UK. This even applies to full load orders from stock!

We provide an extensive range of products suited to the needs of any company; however, if you’re unable to find exactly what you’re looking for, please get in touch with our friendly team! We can offer you bespoke options to ensure that you get your hands on the perfect pallet boxes for you. Equally, if you’re not quite sure what type of pallet box would be best suited to the needs of your industry, we’re here to offer guidance and support so that you can select the most appropriate storage solution.

If you’re on the hunt for plastic pallet boxes for sale, look no further than Inka Pallets. Not only are our products unmatched in quality and value, but we also deliver an attentive and efficient service. Browse our collection of pallet boxes today to find the right storage solution for you.