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Rewatering Containers

Made from twin layers rotationally molded PE and PUR foam core , our rewatering / depurating containers are extremely durable with excellent iso-thermal properties for keeping water cooler with less expense; keeping your accountant and your live molluscs and crustaceans happy.

With their ingenious in-built piping system, the bins can be stacked up and the fresh water can cascade through the whole stack of containers, allowing quick and efficient washing, depurating tonnes of product with fresh water quickly and easily.

These units are perfect for storing and depurating bi-valve molluscs and crustaceans. Shellfish that will benefit from our plastic rewatering bins include – cockles, mussels, clams, oysters, winkles, scallops, langoustine, prawns, shrimps, velvet crabs, lobsters, spider crabs & brown crabs etc.

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  • All Pallet Boxes


    1000 x 1200 x 500mm

    360 Litre

    Stackable Depuration Container

  • All Pallet Boxes


    895 x 1450 x 730mm

    640 Litre

    Stackable Re-Watering Container for Live Shellfish Storage

  • All Pallet Boxes


    1120 x 1120 x 860mm

    630 Litre

    Stackable Depuration Container

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