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Insulated Containers

Why Choose Insulated Plastic Containers?

Our insulated plastic containers are the perfect bulk containers when you need to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. You wish to contain products that are sensitive to temperature changes (e.g., the fishing industry and pharmaceutical sectors).
  2. You need insulated storage containers that are able to cope with rough treatment in harsh environments. (For example, in metal recycling and animal by-product industries, single-walled injection moulded boxes have very high damage rates.)
  3. The hygiene standards of your insulated food containers are of the utmost importance.

Each of our insulated pallet containers is produced using two tough layers of hygienic PE using the ‘roto moulding’ process. This makes them the most durable and hygienic bulk containers in their class – with a much longer life expectancy than single-walled injection moulded boxes, e.g., Dolavs.

Sandwiched between the twin layers of PE is a foam core. This core can be made using two types of material – PUR or EPE – the one you choose will depend on what is important in your application.

Should I Choose PUR or EPE Core Filling for My Insulated Pallet Boxes?

Customers choosing between PUR (Polyurethane) or EPE (Polyethylene) foam core will do so based on the desired use of the insulated tubs. Each core material offers unique performance advantages and strengths, so here is a rundown of the main differences to help you decide on the right material for your needs:

PUR provides:

  • Outstanding iso-thermal properties; ideal for maintaining internal temperatures (e.g., keeping caught seafood cold in ice water for days out at sea or on the road).
  • A lighter tare weight than EPE, meaning it’s easier for manual handling.
  • A marginally lower cost price.

EPE boasts:

  • Extremely high impact resistance and durability. EPE foam gives unrivalled long service life in even the most demanding industrial environments.
  • Simple repairs in the instance of damage.
  • The recyclability of EPE-filled units at the end of their service life.


INKA’s insulated tubs are European-made using the highest quality standards and materials. We, therefore, expect them to last an incredibly long time in demanding industrial applications, often well over 15 years. This makes them a great cost-saving investment.

As our insulated containers are rotationally moulded, they can also be produced in a wide range of colours in small volumes. Units can also easily be customised with your company logo stamping, vessel name branding, and sequential numbering. Plus, there are a whole host of other custom fittings, such as storage containers on wheels, with or without drainage holes, lifting hooks and other accessories.

If you have any questions, just ask one of our friendly team about your requirements.

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