Food factories love our range of plastic Hygiene Pallets. Inka Pallets hold stock of hygienic plastic pallets in several colours. Therefore you can use them to colour code your factory, to help keep your product contamination risk to a minimum. For example, you could choose a yellow colour for use with nuts and allergens, and blue for other products. Or perhaps you might choose red hygiene pallets for use in high care areas of the factory, and grey for general use. Pharmaceutical factories also tend to choose hygiene pallets for use in cleanrooms due to their hygienic easy-clean properties.

Hygiene pallets are available in both 1000x1200mm and 800x1200mm dimensions. We produce our pallets from food-approved virgin HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic. Their design is totally smooth with no gaps so they are very easy to steam clean, or jet wash. The pallets have no dirt traps and do not absorb chemicals.

This range also benefits from being very heavy-duty. Plastic hygiene pallets are robust and can take huge loads, even in open beam racking.  Hygiene pallets are built to last many years in harsh environments, presenting fantastic value for money.

Inka Pallets can also provide these pallets with your personal branding or sequential numbering.

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