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Sleeve Pack Boxes

Our extensive range of sleeve pack boxes boast the widest variety of sizes, including 2000 x 1200mm, 1500 x 1200mm as well as euro and standard footprints.

The lid and base of the sleeve pack units are made from thermoformed HDPE, and the sleeve is made from aircell corrugated twin sheet which together make a lightweight but also very durable unit that is ideal for the movement and storage of bulky goods. Particularly popular in the automotive industry where they are tried, tested and trusted over many years to safely protect parts from manufacturing sites to assembly on a demanding return loop.

Inka’s Sleeve pack boxes can be loaded with an impressive load weight and stacked up to 5 units high.

After use, the unit’s sleeve can be lifted out of the base, and folds and packs neatly down into the base and lid making a compact space-saving alternative to packing cases and shipping crates. This process can easily be managed by a single operator.

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