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Container pallets

Plastic Pallets in 760x1140mm or 1140x1140mm dimensions, to optimally fill the space inside shipping containers, both 20ft or 40ft sea containers.

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  • 760 x 1140mm Plastic Pallets

    SF760 L

    760 x 1140 mm

    Export Plastic Pallet
    Dynamic Load: 1000 Kg

  • 1140x1140mm Plastic Pallets

    SF1140 CRMH

    1140 x 1140mm
    Medium CP8 Plastic Pallet
    Dynamic Load: 1200 Kg

  • 1140x1140mm Plastic Pallets

    SF1140 CRM

    1140 x 1140mm
    Medium CP9 Plastic Pallet
    Dynamic Load: 1375 Kg

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