Welcome to Inka’s wide range of robust spill control pallets and equipment. These products are designed for the prevention of hazards caused by drips, leaks and spillages from liquid containers.

We have spill control pallets, trays, drum flooring, and IBC bunds for the safe storage of liquids in many forms. All of our spill containment products have the following things in common;

  1. Made from robust rotomolded PE material meaning they’re robust and safe for industrial use.
  2. Suitable for virtually all types of liquid, including acids and toxic chemicals.
  3. Each product includes a sump area for the safe containment of liquids preventing hazards from occurring.
  4. All available in stock, with competitive pricing – even on orders of just 1 unit!

What’s the difference between a sump and a bund?

That’s a common question people ask! After all it’s not vocab most of us use every day. So here comes the jargon busting to help you out;

A Sump is a reservoir designed to catch and hold (usually unwanted) liquids. This can be anything from a small drip tray right up to a large holding tank. For example, the little tray at the base of a coffee machine, or huge cesspit in a large drainage system could both be considered sumps.

A Bund is the specific term for a sump with the capacity to hold the entirety of the liquid that could practically spill into it. In fact, UK (and European) law states that a bund must be capable of holding 110% of the liquid contained in the primary tank or IBC stored in/on the bund.

If a bund is being used with more than 1 container then it must be able to either hold 110% of the volume of largest container on it, or 25% of the total combined volume of the containers stored – whichever volume is greater.

Obviously sumps and bunds need to be strong enough to hold the liquid for which they are designated. They also must be made of material capable of handling the kind of liquid spilling into them. Thankfully all of Inka’s spill control range is made of high quality, durable PE, which is impervious to most chemicals and acids.

We hope this helps you, but if you have any questions about spill control pallets please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our helpful sales team.

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