Presswood pallets are lighter than timber pallets but still very strong and rigid. They can carry loads of up to 1250Kg making them an ideal export pallet. Their low tare weight, and no risk of nails sticking out, makes them safer to operate than timber pallets. Presswood pallets are also made from 100% recycled wood waste, making them very eco-friendly.

Many UK exporters value the benefits of using Presswood pallets for shipping their goods. Their extremely low moisture content coupled with their closed deck surface provides fantastic protection to products.

Due to the manufacturing process, Presswood pallets are fully ISPM15 compliant as standard. Thus, they do not require any certification to be sent worldwide to countries such as Australia, China, Japan and the US. They can be widely recycled at the end of their service life too, and can even be made into more Presswood pallets, making them an integral part of the circular economy.

The design is also very stackable for storage, saving space and costs in the warehouse – 1 pallet space can store up to 60 pallets! – perfect for small businesses or those with storage issues.

Compared to plastic pallets, Presswood pallets also benefit from being more rigid so the pallets don’t bow or flex as much when loaded on the forklift truck.  They also don’t hold any static charge, so are a much more cost effective alternative to expensive ESD plastic materials; making them the perfect load carrier for electronic components, gadgets and devices.