1000 x 1200 x 975mm

840 Litre

Folding Large Container



Introducing INKA’s KH975 folding large container (FLC). The most versatile and user-friendly magnum style pallet box of its kind.

Benefits of the KH975 

Our FLC offers 840 litres of internal bulk storage and easy access via the two half drop-down windows. It also has a reinforced rib design on the base increasing the load capacity of the container. The box offers the best-in-class hinge and clip system on the market. This prevents damage and maximises hygiene…not something that can be said of all designs available! It is also built with easy collapse and set up technology, with the benefit of non-sequential folding sides allowing it to be operated by a single person. The containers can further boast the best fold-down unit height of just 345mm, with subsequent stacked units just 315mm in height. Providing a return ratio of 3:1, saving on transport costs.

Our box is also fitted with specially designed feet with a unique anti-impact feature to reduce forklift damage. Unlike other comparable containers on the market,  it also has an efficient drainage system that maximises water evacuation. This means less added weight and better hygiene after cleaning or from the rain. Plus, our folding large container is interstackable with all other styles of this size on the market, meaning you can incorporate them within your existing fleet of ‘Magnums’. Finally, as well as holding large stocks in the UK, INKA can also offer easily replaceable sides and parts to replenish your existing fleet.

Alternatives to the KH975 

Alternatively, check out our new LKH975.  This box has many of the same benefits and features as our standard Folding Large Container but is considerably lighter. This provides a unit cost-saving, as well as a reduction in vehicle fuel costs due to its reduced tare weight! Perfect for the retail, parcel, and mail fulfilment applications.

Additional information

Additional information

External Dimensions (mm)

Height (mm) 975

Internal Dimensions (mm) 1130 x 930 x 815

Folded Height (mm) 315mm (3:1 space saving ratio)

Volume (L)

Tare Weight (Kg)

Dynamic Load Capacity (Kg) 600-800KG

Racking Load Capacity (Kg) 600-800KG

Base Configuration

Sides and Base

Material PP

Colour Grey

Pallet Stack Quantity 8

Full Truck Load Quantity 168