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Inka’s timber pallet collars are a very convenient, economic form of reusable packaging for various types of bulky, heavy and fragile products. Made from premium heat-treated timber our collars are ISPM-15 stamped as standard, they make a very good alternative to wooden crates. The clever design means the collars can be built up to the required height to form the perfect case to the match the height of the products inside, so you never need to ship unnecessary empty space!

Our pallet collars are also highly durable, made from premium single board timber along with strong flexible galvanised zinc hinges so they collars can be used for many trips. The hinges allow the collars to be flat pack once used so they are an ideal solution for reusing in a closed loop system.

The collars can be used in conjunction with Presswood pallets, Plastic Pallets or conventional heat treated timber pallets to form a worldwide ready packing case.

Please note that our standard collars are the premium single boarded models, rather than the twin boarded variety.

Wooden Pallet Collar #1


600 x 800 x 195 mm.

Pack Quantity: 120 units

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