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Capacitainers are heavy duty corrugated case suitable for worldwide exports.

Capacitainer cases can be supplied in sets with specially designed ‘drilled’ Presswood pallets and fixing plugs, to make an, easy to assemble, ready-to-go export pallet box. The cases can also be used with the appropriate size timber or plastic pallets, but will need to be wrapped or strapped to the pallet.

When assembled, the whole Capacitainer and pallet (subject to the pallet’s ISPM15 conformity) becomes a ready to go pallet box which can be sent worldwide without any issues. An amazing cost-effective exporting solution!

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Capacitainer (0.5m3)


External Dims: 800 x 1200 x 715 mm.

Internal Dims: 780 x 1180 x 550 mm.

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