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Why Replace Cardboard with Plastic Crates?

In a bid to save money and become more environmentally friendly, an increasing number of businesses are wondering whether they should replace cardboard with plastic pallet boxes. There are a number of advantages that can be obtained from the use of plastic stacking pallet boxes in favour of cardboard ones. While the initial cost of bale arm crates will be more than that of cardboard boxes, the savings that can be made will soon make them the more cost-effective option.

It’s not all about money, though, as the advantages of plastic crates go way beyond a financial perspective. To that end, read on to discover why you should be replacing cardboard with plastic crates.

The INKA Pallets Range of Plastic Crates

The INKA Pallets range of plastic crates is incredibly varied, including the likes of folding crates, food contact-approved containers, fruit and agriculture containers, fish boxes, attached lid totes, wheeled dollies, and so much more.

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First and foremost, plastic crates are, without a doubt, the more cost-effective option. Not only do plastic crates have a payback period of anywhere from six to 18 months, but they have a life expectancy that exceeds a number of years. As a result, they can help you make savings for years on end.

This isn’t to mention the savings that you’re sure to make by cutting out the need for packaging sundries, such as tape, stretch wrap, and more. Moreover, the lack of these materials speeds up the packaging process, further reducing costs.


Something that deters a lot of businesses from making the move to plastic crates is that they believe they take up too much room. Despite this, these solutions are designed in a way that allows for space efficiency. For instance, plastic crates tend to be foldable or stackable, meaning they take up far less room than one may initially think.


Although cardboard is recyclable, it’s safe to say that constantly producing cardboard, disposing of it, and repeating this cycle, is no friend to the environment. Plastic gets somewhat of a bad reputation for being damaging to the environment; however, it’s a much better alternative to single-use cardboard. This is because plastic crates can be used for years on end, reducing the amount of packaging that ultimately gets thrown away.


In terms of cleanliness, plastic crates are unmatched. Cardboard boxes generate obscene amounts of dust and absorb moisture, and they can’t even be cleaned. On the other hand, plastic crates don’t generate nearly as much dust, and their composition means they can be jet-washed. Jet washing is powerful enough to ensure that every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned, making plastic crates one of the most hygienic options when it comes to transporting and storing goods.


Cardboard boxes are prone to tears and dents, which is one of the main reasons they tend to be used just once. In contrast, plastic crates are made from sturdy material, which means they are less prone to damage. There are a number of benefits that come from durable products, including the security of your goods and the cost-saving capabilities.


As mentioned above, plastic crates are incredibly sturdy, meaning the goods inside are protected. Therefore, if you supply and distribute fragile products, plastic crates are the ideal option. This is because you reduce the risk of items being squashed or rattling around excessively and breaking.

Ease of Handling

Last but certainly not least, plastic crates are much easier for employees to handle than cardboard boxes. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic crates tend to have handles or crevices that make for easy lifting and holding. Similarly, they come with a maximum capacity in terms of volume and weight, meaning they’re less likely to be overloaded, which can result in injuries.

Make the Switch to Plastic Crates with INKA Pallets

If you’re in a position where making the switch to plastic crates seems like the best next step, then INKA Pallets is here to help. From stack and nest containers to plastic stacking containers, we have an extensive range of transit and storage products. In addition to our high-quality products, we promise to deliver your items to you quickly and efficiently and offer impartial expert advice when requested. This is all on top of the amazing value that’s provided by each and every one of our products.

Ultimately, the value that a company can obtain from using plastic crates can’t be underestimated. If you’re keen to save money, help the environment, and protect your produce, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you transform your business for the better.

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