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Plastic Stillages Collection

There’s no escaping the fact that durable, reliable, and versatile storage solutions are of the utmost importance for businesses across a number of industries. It’s for this reason that we’ve developed a range of high-quality products to meet the storage needs of almost any business efficiently. Whether you’re looking to transport goods or organise warehouse spaces, we’ve got the ideal solution that meets your business requirements.

Why Choose Plastic Pallet Stillages?

  • Durability – Our plastic stillages promise durability and longevity, as they’re manufactured from premium-quality materials. This results in impact resistance, which makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor uses alike.
  • Versatility – Heavy machinery parts, bulk materials, and finished products are just some of the items that can be stored within plastic stillages. They’re versatile solutions with a number of available sizes and configurations, allowing you to customise your storage space according to your needs.
  • Easy handling – Ergonomic handles and smooth surfaces are just two of the features that allow for easy handling and manoeuvrability, making for convenient transport and storage.
  • Space optimisation – Our stackable plastic stillages allow you to maximise your storage space, as you can efficiently use vertical space and increase your storage capacity.

Our Collection of Plastic Stillage Bins

Heavy-Duty Plastic Stillages

As suggested by the name, our heavy-duty plastic stillages are built to withstand heavy loads and rough handling. Their reinforced construction and robust design make them perfect for industrial applications in which reliable storage solutions are required.

Collapsible Plastic Stillages 

Collapsible plastic stillages provide a space-saving solution as a result of their foldable design that enables them to collapse easily when they’re not in use. This allows for the saving of valuable storage space and the reduction of transportation costs.

Hygienic Plastic Stillages

Our hygienic plastic stillages allow you to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards in your facility. They’re easy to clean and manufactured from food-grade materials, making them suitable for storing food products, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive materials.

Shop Plastic Stillages for Sale at INKA Pallets 

Regardless of the type of plastic stillage you’re looking for, INKA Pallets has got you covered. Browse and buy from the collection below.

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