Inka’s revolutionary folding plastic pallet boxes, the FPB1000-670C (Solid) & FPB1000-670V  (Ventilated), are the perfect cost-saving transit packaging solution for the movement of bulk items throughout the UK, Europe and even between continents.

The ingenious space-saving folding function seriously opens up the opportunity to create cost-effective return loops within business supply chains, and truly reduce the need for single-use packaging in the importing/exporting of bulk materials, across a wide range of industries, including food and agriculture (meat, dairy, poultry, fish, fruit, vegetables) as well as pharmaceutical, textiles, plastics, compounds, recycling, engineering etc.

Traditional rigid pallet boxes, such as Dolavs, or Maxilogs, have long been popular for their useful storage capacities, and rightly so, they’re fantastic at what they do. However, the biggest issues with rigid pallet boxes is in the transport expense of retrieving empty containers, especially over long distances; as well as storage space constraints within warehouses. The new FPB1000 range of folding pallet boxes from Inka Pallets are the ideal solution to overcome these issues. You can easily load 234 empty FPB1000 units into a truck, thus creating an impressive 3:1 space saving ratio, compared with just 104 empty units (4:3 ratio) of their rigid counterparts.

The FPB1000 folding pallet boxes are made from top quality HDPE, meaning they are extremely durable even at low temperatures, and can easily be recycled after a nice long service life.

Also, in the event that damage does occur on part of the container, each component part of the FPB1000 can be easily be replaced individually, rather than having to replace the entire unit-  another huge advantage over rigid pallet boxes.

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