800 x 1200 x 760mm

470 Litre Capacity

Euro-size Solid Pallet Box



The best-priced euro plastic pallet box on the market. 1200x800mm footprint and 760mm tall. 470 Litre Capacity. With solid walls and 2 runners as standard.  This euro plastic pallet box is made from the highest quality HDPE which has a number of benefits. Firstly, it provides unmatched strength. Our box has a market-leading dynamic load capacity of 1000KG and a racking load capacity of 350KG+. Secondly, the quality of the material makes this unit very durable with an average service life of well over 5 years. Finally, the PB800-470C’s material is food grade as standard and is easy to clean making it very hygienic, perfect for sanitised environments and cleanrooms. These factors make our box popular across a wide range of industries. For instance, the PB800-470C is used in industries ranging from fresh produce to battery recycling to meat processing.

The PB800-470C is available from stock in the UK in a range of colours as standard. Can also come with perforated walls – PB800-470V. European delivery is available through our dutch warehouse in Ermelo.

For customers with the most demanding of applications, see our CPB1000-ACE or BI-605 boxes.  These units are even stronger than the PB800-470C, built to last for over 10 years!

Additional information

Additional information

Internal Dimensions (mm) 730 x 1130 x 585

Tare Weight (Kg)

Material PP

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