PDP1210 XW O

1000 x 1200 mm
Export Plastic Pallet
Dynamic Load: 700 Kg



The most economical, lightweight, medium-duty, nestable plastic export pallet on the UK market. 1200x1000mm dimensions and 130mm tall. Able to take up to 800KG in dynamic load and 2000KG when static. Designed with ergonomic pallet feet for easy 4-way entry. Our nestable plastic export pallet is also exceptionally space-saving with 70 units to a stack and over 2000 units to a full load. This is far superior to their wooden counterparts.  Unlike wood, plastic pallets are all ISPM15 compliant as standard and lightweight making them preferable for a range of industries. For instance, our plastic nestable export pallets are very popular amongst air freighters and pharmaceutical companies alike.

Our XW range is produced in 100% recycled material. They are also fully recyclable at the end of their service life. In an environmentally conscious world, INKA believes it is crucial to offer customers greener options to support the fight for a more sustainable planet. Finally, the pallet can be modified with 3 clickable skids to bring its racking load to 400Kg.

Also available in euro size 1200 x 800 – PDP1208XW

Follow the link to read our article for Warehouse and Logistics News Magazine on the advantages of plastic pallets for UK exporters –> CLICK 

Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions (mm) 1200 x 1000

Tare Weight (Kg)

Dynamic Load Capacity (Kg) 700

Static Load Capacity (Kg) 2000

Racking Load Capacity (Kg) n/a

Deck Configuration Open

Base Configuration

Material Recycled PP

Recyclable? Yes

Retaining Lips 2mm

Pallet Stack Quantity 80

Full Truck Load Quantity 2080

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