Euroblock are the world’s largest manufacturer of composite pallet blocks, producing its largest range of sizes. It is no wonder then that we have become the no.1 supplier to serious timber pallet producers, case makers, poolers, and repairers.

We produce pallet blocks to suit the full range timber pallet styles including Epal Pallets, UK Size Pooling Pallets, Lightweight Export Pallets, as well as bespoke sizes. We also have blocks designed for all the chemical pallets (i.e. CP1, CP3,  CP4, CP5, CP6, CP9). Therefore, our customers can be sure we have the block sizes to suit their production needs, with a service they can rely on!

Here are some of the benefits of switching over from using traditional timber blocks to Euroblock pallet blocks:

  • Reduces cutting wastage and costs.
  • More consistent shape, size, and weight of block.
  • Better nail retention performance than timber blocks.
  • Save money by selling your cross-cutting machine!
  • Low moisture content in the blocks, so no chance of mould growing.
  • Pallets produced using Euroblock pallet blocks are better suited to your customer’s automated conveyors.
  • Euroblock pallet blocks reduce your energy consumption and lower your bills.
  • Speeds up production time, increasing manufacturing output
  • Lowers labour costs.
  • No need to heat treat!
  • All blocks are ISPM-15 compliant and completely export-ready as standard.

Inka Pallets are a sister company of Euroblock and are its sole supplier of composite pallet blocks throughout the UK and Ireland. We can supply single packs or part loads immediately from UK stocks. Alternatively, we can arrange regular speedy full load shipments directly from our factory sites in the Netherlands and Germany. So call us today and speak to our friendly expert advisers!

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**Covid-19 pandemic update** We are endeavouring to maintain the high service levels our customers have come to expect from us, particularly to those companies in 'key worker' industries. We apologise in advance if your message is not responded to as quickly as normal, but we will come back to you as soon as we can; so post your question!

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