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Market Leading Product Range

We boast an unparalleled range of products in regards to both quality and price. In every shape, style, and strength that you require. Whether it be pallets, pallet boxes, crates, blocks, or folding containers INKA has the solution to keep your supply chain moving forward.


Our large UK stock levels and efficient haulage network means we promise to get your products to you on time. With next-day delivery available nationwide on orders ranging from single stacks to full loads.

Specialists in Plastic Pallets, Pallet Boxes & Crates

Inka Pallets UK are specialists in plastic pallets, pallet boxes, plastic containers, bins and crates. Products that make packaging and transport easier and more efficient.We are also the world’s largest manufacturer of Presswood pallets and composite pallet blocks.

Need advice on which product will best fit your requirement? You can request a quote directly through our online portal.

Plastic Pallets

Inka specialises in a wide variety of reinforced plastic pallets, ranging in style, size, and strength to suit every budget and load. You can choose from a range of sizes including 600x800mm, 800x1200mm, 1000x1200mm, or 1100x1100mm. Most of our range is made from 100% recycled plastic, whilst all our range is wholly recyclable by the end of its service life.

Plastic Pallet Boxes

We provide an extensive range of products suited to the needs of any company; however, if you’re unable to find exactly what you’re looking for, please get in touch with our friendly team! We can offer you bespoke options to ensure that you get your hands on the perfect pallet boxes for you. Equally, if you’re not quite sure what type of pallet box would be best suited to the needs of your industry, we’re here to offer guidance and support so that you can select the most appropriate storage solution.

Small Containers

INKA has a wide range of food-approved industrial-strength small plastic containers, crates, baskets, and trays for multiple industries. These include fish boxes, fruit picking trays, harvest crates, stack/nest trays, bale arm crates, and many more. Speak to one of our friendly expert team about your requirements.

Presswood Pallets

Presswood pallets are lighter than timber pallets but still very strong and rigid. They can carry loads of up to 1250Kg making them an ideal export pallet. Their low tare weight, and no risk of nails sticking out, makes them safer to operate than timber pallets. Presswood pallets are also made from 100% recycled wood waste, making them very eco-friendly.

Pallet Blocks

Euroblock are the world’s largest manufacturer of composite pallet blocks, producing its largest range of sizes. It is no wonder then that we have become the no.1 supplier to Europe’s major timber pallet producers, case makers, poolers, and repairers.

(Small Containers)

PVBI6412-00 Mk ii Single

INKA boasts a wide range of innovative fruit picking trays. Designed for maximum space-saving and built from high-quality UV stabilised materials, our harvest crates are made for efficient transportation and years of service in the field. Available from stock, in a range of sizes,  to facilitate all kinds of soft fruit or vegetables

Fish Boxes

(Small Containers)

Green Fish Box 20 L (Eco)
The UK Fishing Industry use Plastic Fish boxes widely throughout the supply chain. Our boxes are strong and designed to handle use in the harshest environments.Whether you are landing, filleting, marketing or processing fish and other seafoods, our plastic fish boxes will serve you for many years.

Folding Crates

(Small Containers)

frpc-6411 - Green Plastic Folding Crate
Introducing INKA’s range of plastic folding crates. Quite simply the strongest, cleanest, and most space-saving crates on the market. Our plastic folding crates boast the lowest profile in the world due to air-assisted injection moulding – with almost 25% more empty crates per pallet than other popular models.

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