Timber/Wooden pallet collars are the perfect way to protect your products in transit. Made from thick heat-treated timber, the pallet collars are extremely impact resistant, ensuring that products inside are kept safe. Our premium wooden pallet collars are manufactured from planed single board timber which is heat treated and ISPM15 stamped. Along with their strong galvanized zinc hinges, they are very durable for the harshest industrial uses.

Inka stock collars in the 3 main sizes; Euro-size (800x1200mm), Half-euro (600x800mm) and UK Standard (1000x1200mm).

Packing cases and crates can be expensive, and cannot easily be reused due to their bulky nature, whereas pallet collars have hinged corners and pack flat, so the units can be returned for reusing again for many years.

Pallet collars are also versatile as you can build them up in layers on the pallet to the height you require – perfect when despatching products of multiple heights and sizes.

Wooden pallet collars can be used in conjunction with plastic pallets, timber pallets, or presswood pallets to form a ready-to-go pallet box, either within closed supply chains or for exporting. However, if using them with timber pallets you must ensure that the pallet is also heat treated and ISPM-15 for exports; with plastic pallets or presswood pallets you don’t need to worry – you’re good to go!

To discuss your packaging requirements for pallet collars or anything else in our range, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly experts on 01277 811085.

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