1120 x 1120 x 860mm

630 Litre

Stackable Depuration Container



Introducing INKA’s new range of purpose-built, ready-to-go depuration containers, that offer a number of innovative features, including a detachable perforated false floor to separate the impurities, internal pipework and ingenious design which allows multiple batches of bivalve molluscs to be vertically stacked and simultaneously washed through an efficient cascading watering system. Leading to huge savings on space, manpower and water equalling a more efficient and environmentally friendly depuration process.

Also available in 360 Litres for smaller projects and 640 Litres for the re-watering of shellfish. 

Additional information

Additional information

External Dimensions (mm)

Internal Dimensions (mm) 1030 x 1030 x 640

Volume (L)

Tare Weight (Kg)

Max Stack Quantity 4 Bins

Max Bin Load 330 KG of Mussels / 400 KG of Clams

Max Load in 3 Bin Stack 1000 KG of Mussels / 1200 KG of Clams

Material LMDPE

Re-Circulation Flow Rate 7,75 m³/h

Pallet Stack Quantity 2

Full Truck Load Quantity 72

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