895 x 1450 x 730mm

640 Litre

Stackable Re-Watering Container for Live Shellfish Storage



Introducing INKA’s new fully insulated and stackable 640 Litre re-watering tank which allows multiple batches of live shellfish to be vertically live stored. The tanks are designed to house lobsters/crabs in up to 8, 600 x 400 mm stacking crates (SN6423-00), effectively creating a block of flats for the efficient and safe maintenance of large batches of shellfish in a much smaller space than traditional systems.

Also available in 360 Litre and 800 Litre styles for the depuration of clams, oysters, prawns and other bivalve molluscs.

Additional information

Additional information

External Dimensions (mm)

Internal Dimensions (mm) 1390 x 835 x 576

Volume (L)

Tare Weight (Kg)

Max Stack Quantity 5

Max Load in 5 Bin Stack 3100 KG

Material PUR

Pallet Stack Quantity 3

Full Truck Load Quantity 78

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