Magnum FLCs are strong plastic folding pallet boxes built to hold your heaviest products. FLCs were originally designed for the automotive sector for the movement of parts between factories. Over the years our folding pallet boxes have been relied upon by some of the biggest automotive companies in the world. However, Inka has also seen them increasingly adopted in a wide range of other industries too. Thanks to their convenient size, volume, load capacity, and their impressive low folding height, Magnum FLCs are a versatile reusable packaging solution. We believe they present a much better return on investment than single-use cardboard packaging.

Our customers agree that KH975 is the best FLC (folding large container) in its class. Inka’s customers have come to appreciate the superior features of our box. These include its impact-resistant base, its superior drainage system, and easy-to-use mechanisms. As well as it’s easy to clean smooth surfaces. Warehouse operatives can also easily replace all the parts of our boxes simply and easily. This is not something that can be said for our major competitors’ boxes!

Inka offers you next day UK delivery, with high stock levels for peak times. So whether you are a large or small user of Magnums, please get in touch with our friendly team today. We will never knowingly be beaten on price!

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