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High-Quality Hinged lid for 70 Litre insulated container.

This lid is ideal for mackerel fishing on day boats. Your catch of fish can be easily added to the container without having to undo and remove the whole lid, or expose the whole container to the warm sun. This lid keeps the ice cold, and the fish fresh, without the constant faff of removing and replacing.

Inka sell these lids separately now so you can upgrade your fish tub efficiency today! These lids will work with all 70 insulated fish containers, not just Inka’s own box.

Many day boat fishermen buy just a few of these lids to transform their whole storage process at sea. They fit the lid to the containers they are currently filling into and when it’s full they simply replace it with the traditional lid. They can then transfer the hinged lid to the next container to be filled. Saving time and energy, and ensuring their catch is landed in the best possible condition!

All of INKA’s double-walled tubs are European-made, built for ultimate strength, durability, and insulation; and offer the best value on the market.

BI-70 Hinged Lid


483 x 744mm

Hinged Lid for 70L Insulated Container

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Product information

External Dimensions (mm)

744 x 483 x 340

Internal Dimensions (mm)

675 x 415 x 290

Volume (L)


Tare Weight (Kg)





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