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The best-priced recycled heavy-duty pallet on the UK market, 1200x1000mm, with a semi-closed deck and 3 runners.

This is the strongest recycled heavy-duty plastic pallet available on the market. Built to take the largest load capacities. With the option to reinforce the pallet with steel beams to increase the pallet’s strength. Static loads of up to 7000KG, dynamic loads of 2250KG, and racking loads up to 1800 Kg. We have the pallet to support even the most demanding of industrial applications.

Our heavy-duty plastic pallets are also made of incredibly durable material. Allowing you to rely on them year after year, in some cases working well over 10 years in demanding environments. Significantly reducing your spend on replacing breakages.

INKA also boasts market-leading prices. This, combined with their durability, means our pallets offer a significant return on investment compared to wooden pallets.

This pallet is made from recycled HDPE in dark grey. It’s also fully recyclable at the end of its service life. In an environmentally conscious world, INKA believes it is crucial to offer customers greener options to support the fight for a more sustainable planet.

We also offer this pallet in premium Q1 virgin material for added durability – PDP1210HO-3R

The video below demonstrates the strength and durability of this pallet.

PDP1210HO-3R DG (Rec)


1000 x 1200 mm

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Dynamic Load: 1000-1500 Kg

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Product information

Dimensions (mm)

1200 x 1000

Height (mm)


Tare Weight (Kg)


Dynamic Load Capacity (Kg)


Static Load Capacity (Kg)


Racking Load Capacity (Kg)


Base Configuration

3 runners

Deck Configuration


Retaining Lips



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