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A medium/heavy-duty closed deck 1200x800mm (euro size) plastic plastic pallet. Its closed deck make the PDP1208 MC 3R plastic pallet very easy to keep clean. The pallet is 4-way entry and rackable for loads of up to 800Kg and dynamic loads up to 1.5 tonne – very impressive for it’s weight and price point! The pallet stands on a base of 3 longitudinal skids. The PDP1208 MC 3R Q2 has a smooth surface making it perfectly suited where hygiene is important. For instance, this pallet is widely used for pharmaceutical and food applications. The pallet stacks 15 units high on a pallet stack, and up to 700 in a full truck load. This euro plastic pallet is competitively priced and so can be used both as a single trip pallet as well as for multiple journeys.

This pallet is made from recycled HDPE in black colour as standard, making it ideal for use in low temperature environments. It’s also fully recyclable at the end of its service life. In an environmentally conscious world, INKA believes it is crucial to offer customers greener options to support the fight for a more sustainable planet.

Also available in a standard UK size equivalent (1200x1000mm) –  SF1000 MDCD 3R

Like all plastic pallets, the PDP1210 MC 3R Q2  can be shipped all over the world and is entirely ISPM15 compliant.

PDP1208 MC 3R Q2


800 x 1200 mm 

Closed Deck Euro Plastic Pallet

Dynamic Load: 1500 Kg

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Product information

Dimensions (mm)

1200 x 800

Height (mm)


Tare Weight (Kg)


Deck Configuration


Base Configuration

3 runners

Retaining Lips

5mm or 22mm

Static Load Capacity (Kg)


Dynamic Load Capacity (Kg)


Racking Load Capacity (Kg)



Recycled HDPE



Pallet Stack Quantity


Full Truck Load Quantity



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