The UK Fishing Industry use Plastic Fish boxes widely throughout the supply chain. Our boxes are strong and designed to handle use in the harshest environments.Whether you are landing, filleting, marketing or processing fish and other seafoods, our plastic fish boxes will serve you for many years.

Inka’s new range of fish boxes are the strongest and most competitively priced fish boxes in the UK. Made from premium HDPE (high-density polyethylene) the fish boxes are built to last many years in the harshest environments, as well as deep-freezing applications.

Whether you are a fisherman, a fish market, a fish processor, a pooling company, or a supermarket, get in touch with INKA to discuss our wide range of options at the best prices on the UK market.

INKA have every model of plastic fish box you can think of. Starting from very small 5-10Kg options, we have 20Kg, 30Kg, 40Kg & 50Kg capacity plastic fish boxes. On top of the premium range, we also have a new line of low-cost reusable eco fish boxes for distribution.

We’re particularly excited by this new range as we hope it will be a driving force in helping companies make the move away from environmentally damaging single-use packaging. We have reusable alternatives to polystyrene or cardboard boxes, that won’t cost the earth, or the seas! These units can be easily washed and retrieved due to their space-saving design.

For larger orders of fish boxes, we can offer a full range of customising options. These options include, a wide choice of colours, logo stamping, and with or without drainage holes. On many models we can also offer perforated sides and bases, which is particularly helpful for shellfish.

Whatever you are catching, we will have the right container for your needs. Call today to discuss your requirements.

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