Inka have introduced a new plastic Dolav style box, compatible with the original Dolav, just with some new design improvements to help protect them from accidental damage.

Why are Dolavs so popular?

Industries have relied on the original Plastic Dolavs for many years, and rightly so. These plastic pallet boxes are known for  their durability, and long service life in harsh environments. The Dolav has stood apart from the competition of injection moulded pallets boxes for one big reason – its one piece construction. Its 3 skid/runner base is moulded from one single piece of plastic together with the container itself, making the whole unit exceptionally strong. Therefore, unlike other injection moulded plastic pallet boxes which have mechanically fitted skids, tilting forklifts can easily rotate Dolavs to empty them – even when filled with heavy, wet, goods such as meat or fish.

So, how can Dolavs be improved upon?

Now, however, just when you thought the original couldn’t be improved, Inka have introduced a new Dolav-style pallet box with all of the original’s benefits, but with some additional design improvements to offer better impact resistance and durability. This means customers can enjoy even better value for money, with a longer lasting box that is harder to damage. These new features include reinforced corner feet with high impact strength to protect against damage from falling. The new design also adds extra vertical plastic rib structure on the side walls; protecting the bin from puncture by forklift tines hitting the side of the box. With these improvements to the design in damage-prone areas, our CPB-1000 Ace is really a great investment; and interworks perfectly with customers’ existing Dolavs.

Why should I buy from Inka?

Inka stock these new boxes in a wide range of colours including; red; blue; light blue; yellow; green; grey; and brown. Therefore you can easily colour code your operation and make your boxes distinctive from competitors. We also stock excellent click-on lids to protect product from the elements.

Recycling, Meat and Fish Processing companies love the new CPB-1000 Ace Dolav Style Box, and we’re sure you will too. We are also sure you will love our pricing and service levels, with next working day delivery available to most of the UK.

And another thing about Dolavs…

Some people refer to any and every plastic pallet box as a “Dolav”, much like one might refer to a vacuum cleaner as a “Hoover”. But this is a bit of a misconception. To be fair they are all plastic box pallets used for storing and transporting bulky goods, and they both have a volume of around 600 Litres (for the most common 1000x1200mm model), but they are not quite the same.

There is one easy way to tell whether you’re looking at a Dolav, or another sort of pallet box, and it’s this; look at the runners/skids. Are the skids the same colour as the rest of the box? If so, then the chances are it’s a Dolav (unless it’s one of our insulated containers, of course!). If however the box is one colour but its skids, or pallet feet, are another (usually black), then this is a conventional plastic pallet box.

Both styles have their benefits for certain applications, and they can often do the same job equally well, but they are slightly different. Unfortunately once a company invest in one sort, it’s difficult to change because the two types don’t stack together. If you can remember this little tip, then our sales team would be extremely appreciative; they spend a lot of their time trying to establish which version a customer needs!

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