Inka’s range of perforated plastic pallet boxes are widely used in the fresh produce industry. Ideal for bulk harvesting produce and transporting it quickly from field to packhouse, and sometimes on to further packers and processing factories.

The PB1210-670V with its large 670 Litre internal capacity offers a far more efficient means of storing certain crops than small hand held crates. It’s particularly good for storing harder fruit and vegetables, such as apples and onions, but also light leafy salads and brassicas.

We also offer the shallower PB1210-450V which is the height of choice for denser and softer produce, such as plums, grapes and apricots.

The perforated side walls and base offer fantastic ventilation in chillers to facilitate fast chilling of produce to ensure perfect condition and freshness.

The high quality smooth plastic surfaces are also incredibly easy to keep clean and wash down for reuse.

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