SF1212 CR

1200 x 1200mm
Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet
Dynamic Load: 2000 Kg



A heavy duty 1200x1200mm plastic pallet with a long service life. Ideal for storage and movement of chemicals drums and ingredients.

The ideal pallet to support even the most demanding of industrial applications. Able to comfortably take 2000KG in dynamic load and up to 1200KG in open beam racking. INKA stocks the strongest heavy-duty plastic pallets available on the market. Built to take the largest load capacities.

This heavy-duty plastic pallet is also made of incredibly durable material. Allowing you to rely on it year after year, in some cases working well over 10 years in demanding environments. Significantly reducing your spend on replacing breakages. Our market-leading prices, combined with this durability, means the SF1212CR offers a significant return on investment compared to wooden pallets. This material is fully recyclable HDPE in Black.  This means, as well as coming from recycled material the pallet is also fully recyclable at the end of its service life. In an environmentally conscious world, INKA believes it is crucial to offer customers greener options to support the fight for a more sustainable planet.

We also stock a double sided 1200x1200mm plastic pallet with anti-slip grommets – PDP1212-DSP

Available from stock in the UK as well as from our production facility in the Netherlands – Mondipal

Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions (mm) 1200 x 1200

Height (mm) 160

Tare Weight (Kg)

Material HDPE

Deck Configuration Semi-closed

Base Configuration

Food Contact Approved

Dynamic Load Capacity (Kg) 2000

Racking Load Capacity (Kg) 1200

Recyclable? Yes

Full Truck Load Quantity 352