Inka supply a wide range of insulated containers for the UK fishing industry. This range of double-walled plastic boxes are all triple-layered with 2 outer layers PE filled with PUR foam core giving them outstanding isothermal insulation properties. this makes them perfect for the storage of fish and seafood, whether out at sea or in transport on land.

Fishermen typically fill the bins with ice water on their vessels so that their catch can be kept fresh for long periods whilst out at sea, ensuring that the quality and value of the fish can be maintained for days.

The rotationally molded twin PE shell also makes the containers extremely durable and long-lasting – perfect for the harsh environments they can be subjected to.

If isothermal insulation is not the most important aspect for your needs, most of this range can also be produced with an EPE foam core filling, making the containers even more impact resistant whilst retaining a lot of their insulation properties. EPE-filled containers can also be widely recycled.

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