Following the success of insulated containers within the fishing industry, other demanding industries were beginning to notice the durability benefits of insulated pallet boxes. Sectors like meat (by-products & processors) and recycling companies were hearing about the strength of fish containers, and beginning to see the benefits of double walled boxes because they last so much longer than single skin plastic pallet boxes, like Dolavs and maxilogs.

Unlike the fishing sector, however, it was the durability rather than insulation that was the real benefit and so our producers introduced a new line of triple walled containers with a EPE foam filling rather than the standard PUR foam used in the fishing industry. Whilst the PE foam has less iso-thermal insulating benefit, this construction makes the containers even stronger and more impact resistant than the traditional PUR filled fish containers, so it has become the number one long-lasting plastic pallet box. And because the PE foam is of the same material as the out layers of polyethylene, the boxes are fully repairable and recyclable, which was one slight issue with the PUR filled fish containers.

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