Fruit Picking Trays

Inka Pallets introduces the new 600 x 400 x 127 mm plastic field tray taking the UK soft fruit industry by storm. The PVBI-6412-00 is a huge step forward in soft fruit handling technology, as it significantly reduces the risk of fruit damage and back injuries. It also saves on expensive warehouse/trailer space by 50% compared with conventional stacking field trays.

At the heart of this progress is the tray’s ingenious safety rail feature which enables operators to slide the crates on and off the stack, eliminating the need to lift and reach; a primary cause of back injuries. These safety rails also ensure that the tray securely locates itself on the stack every single time; reducing the chance of crushed or damaged produce.

Produced in high density polyethylene (HDPE), the PVBI-6412-00 boasts a robust, ergonomic design with smooth internal surfaces and handles, making it perfect for the most stringent hygiene requirements and intense industry demands.

Also, don’t worry if you already have a fleet of standard stacking trays in your fleet; the PVBI-6412-00 works seamlessly with most conventional 600 x 400 mm fruit trays, meaning that you can transition onto this tray gradually over a period of seasons without a complete overhaul.

Don’t take our word for it, just ask the world famous Wilkin & Sons Ltd (Tiptree Fruit), who simply love our tray.

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