Inka Pallets’ wide range of premium quality, European-made, double-walled insulated large containers provide the perfect solution for industries where there is sensitivity to damage and quality loss from temperature fluctuations, such as in the fish, meat and pharmaceutical industries. Our insulated bins are made from 2 layers of high quality rotationally moulded polyethelyne (PE), and then a middle layer of with either Polyurethane (PUR) foam – for optimal insulating properties; or Polyethelene (EPE) foam – for ultimate durability and strength. Most double-skinned pallet boxes in our range are also available with securely fitted lids to ensure that products can be kept at low temperatures for long periods, such as when out at sea, ensuring that the quality of your produce remains fresh, and of the highest value, ensuring your profits are maximized.

Another benefit of our twin skin containers, especially those filled with the EPE (polyethylene foam), is their industry-leading durability and strength, which offers long service life expectancy in the most demanding environments such as animal by-products and metal recycling.

Our tubs can also be serviced and repaired easily by our expert engineers so speak to our expert team if you need maintenance of your existing fleet of boxes.

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