Inka’s robust plastic Attached Lid Container range is very popular in the retail sector in particular but is a very versatile load carrier so has been adopted by a wide range of industries including food, pharmaceutical, automotive and a host of other industies.

Our range of brightly coloured ‘crocodile lid’ totes are made from food grade polypropylene making them perfect for colour coding areas of a factory or warehouse. Our black coloured totes are made from recycled plastic, making these very cost effective. However we can also supply a hybrid of these 2 tote options where the base of the attached lid container is recycled black, and the lids can be a variety of our bright coloured plastic. This is a win, win for companies that want to quickly identify and colour code their totes, even on a tight budget.

Our plastic totes also have the best in class stacking function, with zero ‘lid flare’ design. This means fewer damages, more empty units per pallet, and therefore increased vehicle fill on collections of containers.

Our tamper evident seals can also be used to deter would-be thieves from tampering with tote boxes.

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