Explore INKA’s range of Standard 1200×1000 plastic pallets. In a wide range of styles. Including:

Standard Size Export Pallets

Lightweight, nestable plastic pallets. ISPM-15 compliant as standard, so no need to heat treat. Perfect for those exporting worldwide.

Standard Size Heavy Duty Pallets

Strong pallets built to take the largest load capacities. Exceptionally durable, allowing you to rely on them year after year, in some cases working well over 10 years in the most demanding environments. For instance, our 1200×1000 plastic pallets are widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Standard Size Hygiene Pallets

Hygienic pallets with no openings or dirt traps on the deck or base meaning zero food residues, bacteria, or fungal infiltration. Perfect for pharmaceutical or food applications, where splinters from wooden pallets are an unacceptable presence.

What are the Advantages of Plastic Pallets?

With consistent size, shape, and tare weight; plastic pallets offer many other advantages compared to conventional EPAL wooden pallets. No injuries to staff from nails or splinters. Better efficiency with no risk of conveyor machines getting jammed by broken pallets. Unlike wooden pallets, plastic will never gain moisture and weight when left out in the rain.

And despite commonly held misconceptions, plastic pallets are actually good for the environment! They don’t contribute to deforestation, and typically have a much longer service life than timber pallets, and at the end of their use, they can be widely and easily recycled and turned into something new.

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